New Form I-9 Compliance

Yes, once again changes have been made to the Form I-9 and employers must comply by September 18, 2017. The Department of Homeland Security and its U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires every employer to complete this form for each new hire to verify identity and authorization to work in the U.S. Here is […]

5 Reasons You Must Document, Document, Document!

Don’t want to deal with paperwork, emails, red tape etc.? Too bad! You are placing your company at a greater risk if you don’t keep some sort of a paper trail during your course of business. Sure we all want to “go green” and lose the formalities, but when dealing with people it is crucial […]

Where Does HR Begin?

Your business and its people Every aspect of your business involves people. The success of your company not only rides on sales, but by how well you manage the relationship with your people. Without these people, the business will fail. So if all businesses involve the management of people from the start, and Human Resources […]

Are You Ready for December 1st?

The new Overtime Law goes into effect for all employers this December 1st! Crap, that is 1 ½ months away! Crap, December 1st is on a Thursday! Are you ready to comply? This post explains the chatter around possible postponement of the law as well as critical things you need to think about before implementing […]

Why Your Company Policies Suck

Bad company policies can cause a loss in revenue, high turnover, poor quality of work, a bad reputation, reduced employee engagement, and a whole lot of headaches for management! Your company policies can suck for many reasons. I am going to explain a few of these reasons and provide solutions to turn your bad policies […]

Your HR Apps Are Not What You Think!

Over the years, numerous HR apps have become available to help businesses operate efficiently. Generally these apps label themselves “HR” in the title or tag line, but only offer assistance for a small piece of HR. This type of false advertising will convince small businesses that they don’t need HR people because they have an […]


Take note: as of August 1st, immigration violation fines are increasing significantly! An immigration violation means that you can be fined for employing an individual who is not granted ability to work in the US, or has displaced a US worker under an H1B violation. More so, the date is retroactive to Nov 2, 2015. […]


If you currently have at least 15 employees, or plan to in the future, this is for you! This post will give you the straight facts surrounding the Transgender Bathroom Access Law and will not take part in any of the debate. NO RANTS HERE, WE SAVE IT FOR FACEBOOK OR TWITTER! Once your business […]

Slack Users Beware

With over 2 million users and growing, there is no doubt that Slack is an amazing tool for businesses. It encourages office communication and boosts productivity. Most importantly, it’s fast and easy to use. BUT BEWARE of its unintentional consequences, especially with the new overtime law. It is addictive! Just like many apps that keep […]

Top 4 Small Business Mistakes To Avoid

Starting and running a business is tough! You want to focus on building your business, not the “other stuff” that goes along with it. You may also feel you are too small to worry about certain rules and regulations in hopes you remain under the radar. However, the “I didn’t know” excuse does not get you […]