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Minimum Wage Changes in 2018

A new year, a new minimum wage rate!

There is no surprise that minimum wages have increased in several states throughout the US. In addition to state minimum wages, some cities and counties have imposed increases to their minimum wage. If you pay your employees over the minimum wage this may still effect your business.

What does this change mean for your business?

If your state, city or county has increased its minimum wage:

  • You must pay all minimum wage employees the new rate as of January 1, 2018
  • It is time to purchase an updated labor law poster
  • You may need to do further research if you plan to take legal deductions from an employee’s paycheck such as for uniforms, tools, and fines.
    • Some state laws (or lack thereof) do not allow deductions below Federal Minimum Wage, currently $7.25
    • Other state laws do not allow deductions below the State Minimum Wage.

Minimum Wage Changes as of January 1, 2018

Alaska $9.84
Arizona $10.50
     Flagstaff, AZ $11.00
Arkansas $8.50
California $11.00 (for 26+ employees), $10.50 (for >25 employees)
     Cupertino, CA $13.50
     El Cerrito, CA $13.60
     Los Altos, CA $13.50
     Milpitas, CA $12.00
     Mountain View, CA $15.00
     Oakland, CA $13.23
     Palo Alto, CA $13.50
     Richmond, CA $13.41
     San Jose, CA $13.50
     San Mateo, CA $13.50 or $12.00 for non-profits
     Santa Clara, CA $13.00
     Sunnyvale, CA $15.00
Colorado $10.20
Connecticut $10.10
Delaware $8.25
DC $12.50
Florida $8.25
Georgia $5.15 (if not covered under Federal Regs)
Guam $8.25
Hawaii $10.10
Illinois $8.25
Maine $10.00
Maryland $10.10
Massachusetts $11.00
Michigan $9.25
Minnesota $9.65 or $7.87 for sales less than $500k
     Minneapolis, MN $10.00 (for over 100 employees)
Missouri $7.85
Montana $8.30 (for gross sales above $110K)
Nebraska $9.00
Nevada $8.25 (for employers not providing health insurance)
New Jersey $8.60
New Mexico $7.50
     Albuquerque, NM $8.95
     Bernalillo County, NM $8.85
New York $10.40 or $11.75 (for fast food workers) or $13.50 (for fast food workers in NYC) or $13.00 (for 11+ employees) or $12.00 (for >11 employees in NYC) or $11.00 (for Long Island and Westchester)
Ohio $8.30 (for gross sales above $283K)
Oregon $10.75
Rhode Island $10.10
South Dakota $8.65
Vermont $10.50
Washington $11.50
     Tacoma, WA $12.00
     SeaTac, WA $15.64 (for hospitality and transportation industry)
     Seattle, WA $15.45 (for 501+ employees with no medical benefits) or $15.00 (for 501+ employees with medical benefits) or $14.00 (for >500 employees with no medical benefits) or $11.50 (for >500 employees with medical benefits)
West Virginia $8.75


If you see a change in your area, please discuss with your staff (managers, accounting, payroll, etc.).


Happy New Year!