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An Onboarding Illustration: Who Does It Right?

After two recent blogs about onboarding and setting new hires up for success, I have received several photos from readers. These photos are examples of what each company does to welcome and prepare a new hire. I appreciate all photos received, but can only choose one to talk about today.

I chose the picture above because it represents what a new employee should experience when they arrive on their first day. It is a great welcome gesture illustrating the excitement of having a new team member.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, let’s talk about what we see (in less than a thousand words).

  1. The workstation is decorated for a celebration!Onboarding Pic2

Streamers are taped on the chair, computer, and phone. The color of these streamers are unique to the company, which adds extra meaning to this welcome. There is even a balloon taped to the chair.

When walking into the office on the first day, I think the new employee will easily spot his/her desk. What a great way to bring an instant smile to someone’s face!

  1. There is a personalized WELCOME sign taped to the computer.

Not only is the “welcome to the company” illustrated by the streamers and balloon, the words are taped right to the computer screen. The new employee’s name adds an extra personal touch.

  1. There is a welcome package with a small gift wrapped in ribbon.

To show appreciation for coming on board and express solidarity, a gift unique to the company is waiting to be opened. It shows the new employee that they are one of the team.

  1. New office supplies and headset are displayed.

No need to search for office supplies, or for a new headset to be delivered. Everything is prepared and ready to go!

What a wonderful way to welcome a new hire! Great job Gravitational Marketing!

Don’t have a welcome quite like this? You can do it too!

What can you do for your next new hire? I bet you can make a great welcome that is unique to your company and show you are excited to have a new team member.