HR Problems We Solve

To put it simply: Companies and organizations come to Human Asset Consultants to fix their HR problems.

Dawn Colangelo and Human Asset Consultants are known in the human resources and management realm for getting big results in a variety of industries. If you’re experiencing any of the following HR problems, and you’re willing to do what it takes to fix them, contact us at Human Asset Consultants today.

“I think my employees are taking advantage of me”

“My staff always shows up late, leaves early, and some are taking too much time off”

“How do we fire someone?”

“I’m nervous he’s going to sue us if we fire him”

“I don’t know what should be in an employee handbook”

“I don’t know if we are compliant with all the laws”

“We have a few independent contractors, but I’m not sure if they should be employees”

“I’m having a few issues with this one employee”

“I don’t think we’re structured the right way”

“Our turnover is killing us”

“I need to hire someone but not sure who”

“Why do our new hires leave so quickly?”

“What’s a good onboarding process?”

“We don’t have any job descriptions”

“When Jill is out, no one can cover for her. We don’t know how she does what she does”

“Are our compensation and benefits competitive?”

“What is the best way to evaluate performance?”

“Do we need to do background checks?”

“I don’t have much money to spend, what other benefits can I offer?”

“We want to offer leadership and other soft skills training”

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