Most likely your new hire orientation presentation is boring! Don’t feel bad, the majority are boring, and others are dreadfully boring! Why bother if no one is going to pay attention? Scrap it! Create a video production instead!

It is important to keep your audience engaged for the majority of your presentation. Many managers and HR reps work hard to grab and keep each employee’s attention. Even in a very small setting.

Why not try something different? Create a video and press play!

Creating a production instead of a PowerPoint Presentation will give your new hire something fun and different to watch. This will keep them as engaged in the content as possible.

In the long run, it saves time and energy. It also allows these topics to be discussed on the first day, rather than a week to a month after the first day (when a few new hires are scheduled together).

What are the downsides? Videos require a bit more planning and time. However, like every other quality product, it takes time to create something great.

Don’t worry about how you are actually going to record everything. There are plenty of applications out there that can help you record video, add visuals, and add music.

When you are finished, it will be easy to hit play, allow the employee time to watch, and check back periodically. You will be happy you made the switch!

What should be included in your orientation video and how do you make it interesting?

Use your company culture and featured individuals’ personalities to create the video’s tone. It is critical to add your company’s special style. Remember, you want the employees to remain engaged, so keep it interesting. Switching up formats is also great. This can include messages from employees, role playing, office tours, old photos about company history, charts and other visual aids, etc. These changes to the format will keep the video moving along.

You can start the video with a welcome message from the founder(s). This will do two important things. It will give a face to a name and show that the founder(s) care.

Your next section can explain company history with role playing and old photos. Anything to get the message across in a fun way can help.

To provide more company information, try using visuals such as charts for organizational structure, market share, revenue, etc. Have fun with this as well.

Now for the most boring part of the whole thing, key company policies and regulations. To make it interesting, use role playing to explain key company policies. For example, show the dress code dos and don’ts.

This is your video, so be creative!

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