Ever tried to hire someone, but didn’t exactly know what this person will be doing? Have you generically reached out to your network stating “I need an X (insert generic admin, coordinator, or whatever title here)”? Have you ever shifted responsibilities for the sake of getting things done, but spread someone too thin? Was this person even qualified to do that job? If any of your answers are yes, this post is for you!

The nature of start-ups and small businesses is change! Roles and responsibilities will change as you go. That is why filling your seats with flexible people is so important. But that does not give you a pass on organizational planning (at least as best you can).

Many of my clients will throw a general title at me and their network to fill a role. Sometimes this title doesn’t even reflect the job duties. How can you hire the right person if you don’t even know what you need them to do? How can you even look like you have your stuff together if you can’t answer the candidate’s basic questions?

We’ve all heard the term “haste makes waste”, but in an extremely fast paced world, haste is what we thrive on. Unfortunately, small businesses can’t afford to waste time or money. This is why it is critical to take a little time up front to plan your organization as best you can before taking action.

No matter how small your organization is right now, it is crucial to have a plan and visualize your organizational structure. Planning your organizational structure is the first step to determining job duties and the type of person you are looking for. Not just “I need an X”, more like “I need an X to do A, B, C, D and this person must have qualifications in 1, 2, and 3”.

Now, back to my question about spreading someone too thin…What if this person is not even qualified? Throwing something on their plate will just waste time and set them up for failure. This can also jeopardize your business and leave you losing existing and potential customers. Again, planning and identifying who you need will help determine who the best person is to handle that job (even for a limited time).

This week I will be conducting a Lunch and Learn in Downtown Orlando at Starter Studio. I invite all locals to this session who would like to learn more about planning their organization and getting ready to hire the right people. We will even work together to create a job description and a job posting. Yes, I am sharing with you what I do for many clients so you can start planning your organization! I will also briefly discuss how to determine employment terms including independent contractor vs. employee. Another brief topic will be the new overtime law that you all must abide by as of December 1, 2016.

For those who can’t make the session, don’t worry. Contact me at Human Asset Consultants.

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