HR Consulting Services

Whether you have zero HR knowledge, or limited HR presence,

 a variety of HR consulting services are available just for you!

Startup Consultation

The process of starting a business can be overwhelming. Let us ease your stress level by providing the highest quality information and best practices to manage your greatest asset, your people! Our quick “HR Check-up” for Startups will help determine what you absolutely need right now (we know how it is).


HR Assessment

There are many reasons why current HR practices may not be working anymore. Increased number of employees, change of department dynamics, and change of overall business environment, are just to name a few. We can work with you to conduct a thorough assessment of your current HR processes and your needs. At the end, you will be given a complete report with recommendations to achieve success!

Organizational Structure

The structure of a department and entire organization can greatly affect the quality of work and morale. Through a detailed analysis, we can work with you to create a structure that is right for your business!


Job Description Writing

Managers need a layout of what types of qualifications are required for a successful employee and employees need a clear definition of responsibilities. A complete and concise Job Description can help!


Need Recruitment advice? By understanding your business needs and the roles needed to be filled, we can assist with attracting and hiring the right people for the job!


Through a company and industry analysis we can work with you to create the best compensation plan that is fair to your current and potential employees while staying within your budget!


Policies and Procedures

As a company changes so does its policies and procedures. Startups and small businesses who have not felt the need to document policies and procedures will find it is essential with growth. As new situations arise, new policies must be put in place to ensure compliance.

Whether you require one new policy or a creation of an entire employee handbook, we can help by establishing complete documentation based on best practices to ensure compliance and reduce your risk.

Performance Appraisals

Do you evaluate your employees’ performance? If so, is it effective? What do you do once you have the information?

Performance appraisals are meant to gauge how an employee is currently performing, assist with making improvements, and setting SMART goals. Let us create the most effective performance appraisals for your teams. Ninety day, quarterly, annual, and continuous are a few options we will discuss.


Employee Relations

Employee Relation issues can be tricky. Sometimes situations arise that may require some additional guidance to ensure it is resolved properly. If something is said or done wrong by a manager or representative of the company, it can leave the company open to risk in terms of law suits or having to pay unnecessary unemployment.

We can offer guidance 24/7!


Soft Skills and Leadership Training does not have to be just for current managers. Any employee that strives to be a leader should have the opportunity to develop these skills. Honing these skills is important for employees to thrive in their current position and to advance their career.

We can help by working with you to create a complete course curriculum for your current and future leaders. Some Training Topics can include: Change Management, Negotiation, Active Listening, Time Management, and Awareness: Harassment

Employee Recognition

Showing employee appreciation is very important to help boost morale and increase motivation and employee engagement. The best part is that it does not need to be expensive!

We can work with you based on your budget (or no budget at all) to create programs to show how much your employees are appreciated.

Employee Benefits

Benefits can be a deal breaker for some employees! Establishing a benefits plan that is right for your company is essential. This process can be very confusing and time consuming.

We can assist by guiding you through the process, finding a broker that is right for you, and conducting research to provide accurate information on the best cost efficient plans.

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